designer’s voice -fissure ring-

designer's voice -fissure ring-

In "designer's voice", designer Yuki will introduce the details of the items and the background of production.

One of the major concepts of male is the keyword “missing”.
The “fissure ring” introduced this time was produced with the theme of “insufficiency due to chipping”.
This time, I will write about the production background, aesthetic commitment, and how to care for it.

fissure ring

The cracked silver is not processed daringly,
The same texture as the silver that has been cut out.
Despite its strong volume,
The exposed silver reflects white light and has an elegant texture.

"not enough"

What do you imagine when you hear the word "not enough"?
Water that was only poured into the glass about a quarter.
A smartphone that has become a communication limit.
A stomach that didn't fill up with one serving.
The "lack" that I wanted to express with the "fissure ring" isn't like this, it's like I haven't eaten or eaten anything for a week.
It was a starving "lack" that was a matter of life and death.

aesthetic commitment

To tell the truth, this fissure ring
It was completed once during Vol.2,
I wasn't satisfied with the finished product, so I remade it from scratch.
Usually, when making accessories, hand-written rough, accurate design drawings, CAD,
We will make a prototype with a 3D printer, then create a prototype and create a sample with the actual material.
In the process of making the prototype at the final stage, the production cost of the prototype is not cheap, so
We make prototypes many times with resin samples that have been completed with a 3D printer.
This is an example of when it didn't work out.

The surface of the product "fissure ring" is finished with a white finish that eliminates the luster.
This white finish makes it difficult to show the delicate texture in photos and videos.
If you have a chance to visit POPUP, I would be very happy if you could take a look!

The moment I saw the prototype sample, I started over from the handwritten rough,
The prototype was also remade, and it became the current shape.
Unlike the prototype, the fissure ring has a deep and simple crack.
And the surface should not be tampered with as much as possible, and the texture of the silver should be kept as it is.
So that I can absorb more things from now on.


Normally, general silver products are polished in the final process of production, giving them a silvery color, and the surface is in a state where there are few unevenness.
But the fissure ring is dull,
In other words, because the surface is finished with a lot of unevenness,
By increasing the surface area exposed to air, it can be said that sulfuration progresses more easily than mirror finishing.
Therefore, it is a little difficult to clean,
Please note that wiping with a regular silver cloth will damage the original texture.

And now I'm going to show you how to do it in 3 steps.

<1> Wipe dry with a soft cloth such as chamois after wearing.
Even if you do not leave sweat and sebum stains as they are, it is effective in preventing discoloration.

<2> Has it become dirty for some reason? When you feel
Wash in lukewarm water.
If you are more concerned about dirt, it is better to use lukewarm water with a neutral detergent added to wash off oil stains.
After washing, wipe off the water and dry it well.

<3> Use of liquid silver cleaner.
It takes a little expense and effort, but the whiteness at the time of purchase will return.
In addition, please read the instruction manual carefully as it requires careful handling.
Regarding <3> of the maintenance introduced this time, for those who have visited the POP UP that is held irregularly,
Since we are doing it as a free service,
Please feel free to contact us if you have any trouble with cleaning.
In addition, you can also consult personally on Instagram or LINE, so please feel free to contact us.

Please enjoy it with the story.
〈fissure ring〉