designer's voice -difference level ring-

In "designer's voice", designer Yuki
I will introduce the background of the production.

One of the major concepts of fmale is the keyword "missing".
The "difference level ring" introduced this time was created with the theme of the act of "comparing" that is inevitably performed in the process of noticing the state of "missing".
This time, I will write about the production background and aesthetic commitment.

difference level ring
By adding two types of processing to the surface of the ring,
You can feel while comparing the two types of textures of silver.
And by adding a step here,
Light hits from different angles,
It is designed so that you can always enjoy different expressions.

to compare

I'm sure some people didn't feel that the word "compare" sounded so good.
When I was young, I often used to complain about comparing myself to others.
However, now I often think that "comparing" was not bad.
If you look up the word "compare" in a dictionary, you will find this interesting meaning hidden.

1. Compare two or more things to find out their differences and superiority. compare.
"Height - bellow" "This year is the average year - less snow"
2. Compete for superiority and defeat. compete.
"Strength - Bell" "Skill - Bell"
3. Communicate with each other.
"It's good to be old--I'm a stranger, and I find it hard to part." <Tosa>


If you find a place where you are inferior to yourself compared to other people, you will see it.

However, because there are things that are lacking, the good points stand out,
I think that it is possible to live with others because there is something missing.
It means "comparing" to discover yourself that is not perfect.

aesthetic commitment

The two types of processing applied to the surface of the ring are called "mirror polishing" and "diamond dust processing", respectively.

Mirror finishing, as the name suggests, refers to the process of finishing the surface like a mirror.
With mirror finishing, the entire jewelry reflects light, making the gem appear larger and brighter.

As the name suggests, diamond dust processing also reflects light like diamond dust.
Unlike mirror finishing, it shines more delicately.

And by adding a step here,
Light hits from different angles,
While always comparing the two types of textures of silver,
It is designed so that you can enjoy different expressions.

The mirror finish becomes lighter,
Diamond dust processing removes the rough textured corners,
Both of the two types of processing change to a matte texture over time.

The ring, which was very shiny at first and didn't fit perfectly in my hand, is of course different in the final texture, but the direction of the step is different.
While living together, we are heading in the same direction,
You will get used to it.

Please enjoy it with the story.

<difference level ring>