【EVENT】roomsPARK 出展のお知らせ @渋谷

[EVENT] Notice of exhibition at roomsPARK @Shibuya

It will be held at Shibuya Hikarie from October 13th (Thursday) to October 16th (Sunday),
fmale will also participate in "rooms PARK" .

Producers and designers are present at the store,
We will be happy to discuss your business with you.

On the 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun),
General customers can also visit,
In addition to all collections from vol,1 to new vol,4
It is also an opportunity to see limited products.

For those who came on the day,
Distribution of venue-limited coupons, and
We will introduce you to the "rooms-only online store" that can only be entered by those who have visited the venue.

In the "rooms limited online store", the items you saw at the exhibition
You can order until 12:00 on 10/17 (Monday).

* At this exhibition, it is only a try-on,
Please note that you cannot purchase on the spot on the day.

Since fmale does not exchange cash at this exhibition ,
Please feel free to try it on as much as you like.

Also, if you would like to place an order at the online shop by the day before your visit,
Direct delivery at the exhibition is also possible, so please contact each SNS for details.

rooms PARK

Date Business Day
10/13,14 11:00~19:00
Market Day 10/15 11:00~20:00
10/16 11:00~17:00

Location Shibuya Hikarie Hikarie Hall 9th ​​floor

Booth area: PARK 3

* Admission to rooms PARK is free, but advance registration is required.

Please note that the date and time of visitation and the registration form are different for business people and general visitors.
Visitor registration on the day is also possible. Please feel free to visit us.

|Pre-registration for visitors|

Please register from the rooms PARK official website "TO VISIT"