This time, the collaboration with the one-of-a-kind art brand "Cigarette-burns" by the artist "MARU", who is active in various genres such as illustration, design, creation, and painting, has been realized.

Each item is cut out of three original drawings drawn for this collaboration.
We are manufacturing.

The bangle which becomes silver and a color and two colors development
Embed acrylic in double bangle, fmale's standard item,
Around the arm in the summer when it tends to be large but lonely
It creates a gorgeous impression like cigarette-burns.

And even though the necklace is large, the parts with a sense of sheerness
It will be an accent and will make your face look stylish.
In addition, it is a specification that allows you to adjust the length depending on how the chain is passed.

All items are limited in quantity, so
Please purchase as soon as possible.